Monday, July 21, 2008

Otay IT Department Wins Top Award

(October 2007)

Otay Water District’s IT and Strategic Planning Department won the highest award granted by the Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC).

Otay is one of only a dozen city and municipal government IT departments in California to receive the “Excellence in IT Practices Award” for 2006-07.

Bill Jenkins, IT Operations Manager, received the award on behalf of Otay’s IT/SP Department at the MISAC Annual Banquet, October 7 in Monterey CA. “It is very gratifying to receive the recognition from our peers that our IT staff, policies and procedures meet and exceed the standards for excellence,” Jenkins said. “This award would not have been possible without the outstanding work by every member of our department.”

MISAC, the statewide association of Chief Information Officers (CIO) and IT Managers for city and local governments, established the Excellence in Information Technology Practices program in 1999, to recognize public agency efforts in the Information Technology arena. The Excellence in Information Technology Practices program recognizes cities and special districts that exceed industry practices.

The program, which is revised annually in conjunction with Cal Tech – Pomona’s technology standards review to keep up to date with changing standards, consists of ten major categories of questions. Auditors review each application, and select those that meet the standard of excellence.

This was the first time Otay Water submitted an application for the Excellence Award. The awards committee commended Otay Water District for receiving the award with its first submission; something they said rarely happens.

Geoff Stevens, Otay’s CIO said, “The strategic plan has served as a solid foundation upon which to build our IT systems and practices. I commend both our Board and all of Otay’s staff for making this achievement possible.”

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